CNN and other international media reports!

Tahoe helps “Healthy China”

CNN and other international media reports!
Tahoe helps “Healthy China”

As China vigorously promotes the “Healthy China” strategy, more and more aspiring companies are integrated into this megatrend, and the success model has attracted the attention of the international community.

On the evening of June 1st, Beijing time, CNN ranked in the golden order, with the headline “China Tahoe Group Helping to Promote the Chinese Medical Industry”. The headline reported the information of Tahoe Group’s social operation to promote the development of China’s medical health industry.

CNN-related reports recently, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Norwegian Opera TV and other global mainstream media around the world, have also reported that Tahoe Group’s transformation to help “healthy China” and improve the news in the medical field. For a while, international media have paid attention to “healthy China””.

  It is reported that China has adopted the implementation of “Healthy China” as a national strategy and proposed to improve the national health policy and provide the people with a full range of full-cycle health services.

In response to the “Healthy China” strategy, the reorganization of Tahoe Medical, which is affiliated with Tahoe, opened a national layout and became a social medical model for “Healthy China”.

  Mainstream international media reported that “Healthy China” sparked heated discussions. On the evening of June 1, CNN CNN broadcasted the news of “China Taihe Group Helping to Promote China’s Medical Industry” in the gold dispatch.

According to CNN, China is focusing its current five-year economic plan on a key service sector: healthcare.

China’s Tahoe Group trains doctors and nurses in China and the United States, and introduces relevant advanced technologies to China.

CNN reports CNN said that Tahoe is expanding its subsidiary health management center layout and opening hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai.

With the introduction of international advanced technology into China, it is foreseeable that the next generation of China can get affordable and top-quality medical services.

  It is reported that the Fuzhou Taihe Ailains Health Management Center mentioned in the report has released world-class medical equipment and technology to provide local people with better medical and health services.

CNN also believes: “It is expected that the aging population will be the main driving force for the development of China’s medical industry, and lifestyle-related diseases will increase.

In 2020, the value of the medical industry will reach $ 1 trillion.

The five-year plan cut by the CNN report focuses on the national strategy of “Healthy China” in the medical field. This report has caused heated discussions in the United States and other countries.

Some US netizens said, “Concerning the medical and health industry is an inevitable direction for the development of each country. I did not expect that China is advancing the medical industry at such a rapid pace. I believe more and more companies will be committed to medical and health development like Tahoe.”

CNN related reports It is understood that the US population currently watching CNN content is about 300 million (the total US population is 3).

1.2 billion), CNN news was broadcast in more than 210 countries and regions around the world, covering 1.

8.4 billion families.

  The United States’ largest news agency, the Associated Press, the world’s largest business, financial, and financial information platform Bloomberg and NBC, have also recently reported that Taihe transformation has helped “healthy China.”

It introduced Tahoe Medical’s efforts in industrial layout, investment, and personnel training, and showed the world’s determination to build a “healthy China.”

Bloomberg related reports NBC related reports It is reported that because CNN, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, NBC and other media have audiences all over the world, currently audiences and readers all over the world, through the development of Taihe Medical’s layout, to further understand the “healthy China”A strategic idea.

  To build a three-level medical consortium, Taihe used actions to help “Healthy China”. CNN and other international mainstream media paid close attention to Taihe to help “Healthy China”. It is related to the international media’s focus on health concepts and the development of China’s medical industry.The transformation and diversified development, especially the focus on entering the medical field, is related to the success model of social medicine.

  China has promoted “Healthy China” as a national strategy, and made great efforts to promote medical treatment in the society, and has achieved remarkable results. However, due to insufficient funding and other reasons, private medical institutions still have unsatisfactory indicators such as consultation rate and admission rate.

  Initially, Tahoe is transforming and diversifying, and is concentrating on entering the medical field.

Due to the large amount of capital and investment required in the medical field, Huang Qisen, chairman of Tahoe Group, has stated in public that Tahoe will invest huge sums of money into the medical and health industry to support the development of China’s medical industry.

Fuzhou Taihe Ailains Health Management Center At present, Taihe Medical has gradually established a sound medical system, including international hospitals, general hospitals, oncology, women’s and children’s specialty hospitals, and health management centers.Cycle Medical Services Network.

Outstanding contribution, Taihe Medical has also been awarded the honor of “Outstanding Social Medical Institution” by professional organizations.

  Regarding Tahoe’s strategy to help health in China, CNN and other media focused on the health management center of Tahoe.

According to Tahoe’s plan, by 2019, Tahoe will deploy 35 health management centers in 22 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Fujian Quanzhou and Zhangzhou.

  It is worth mentioning that Taihe Medical has incorporated the advantages of international scale, which is an important reason why CNN, Bloomberg and other media pay attention to Taihe.

Tahoe will internalize its equipment, technology, clinical experience and the first physical examination model of Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States through the privatization of Allen 成都桑拿网 Medical in the United States, providing feasible technical support for the creation of Tahoe-style high-end health management centers., Tumor screening and imaging will become a major feature of its services.

Taihe donates 200 million to support the construction of Tsinghua University Hospital. In addition, Taihe is also committed to the cultivation of medical talents, and donated 200 million to Tsinghua University and Tongji University to establish Tsinghua Taihe Hospital Management Fund and Tongji University Taihe Medical Development Fund.

On May 20 this year, the “Taihe Building” on the Shanghai North Campus of Tongji University was officially opened, allowing medical students to improve their practical skills during their studies.

  Tahoe Medical is a typical microcosm of the development of “Healthy China”. For a long 南宁桑拿 time, global media have expressed strong interest. They are amazed by the rapid development of China’s medical and health undertakings and expressed that they will continue to pay attention to the promotion of “Healthy China” like TahoeTypical case.

  Article source: Taihe official website